Library materials will continue to check out for the same period of time.  Magazines – 1 week, reference books 1 week, books 2 weeks. 

All materials (books, etc.) will be due on their due date.  There will be no daily fines for overdue books.

An Overdue and Book Fines (charges) list will be posted outside the library on a biweekly basis.  Students will be expected to check this list throughout the week.

A first warning notice will be emailed and a paper copy delivered to students in homeroom when their material is at least one week overdue.   This notice will include the price of the material.  Notices will be sent to homerooms once a week only.  An attempt will be made to email parents.

The student must either return or renew the material to avoid future consequences.

A second notice, which includes the price of the material, will be emailed to students and parents when the materials are at least two weeks overdue.   Students will also receive a lunch detention notice at that time.  Students who repeatedly receive overdue notices may have to serve at least one lunch detention.

The next day the student must either start making weekly payments (minimum $2.00) toward payment of the materials or serve a daily lunch detention in Room 16 until the material is returned, renewed, OR some payment is made.  All full and partial payments will be refunded if the material is found.

Students with materials more than two weeks overdue, who have not made payments, will not be able to check out any materials until payment is started or the material is returned. 

 All outstanding balances will be placed on the student’s book card at the end of the year.  Billing letters will be sent home in January, June and September. Special circumstances will be considered.

EXAMPLE:                           February 4                          Book is due                        

                                                February 5                          Name posted outside library

                                                February 11                        First notice sent to student in homeroom and emailed

February 11-15                  Student must either: return book, renew, or make payment

February 18                        Second notice emailed and hand delivered to student and emailed to parents

February 19                        Student must either return book or make full or partial payment, or serve daily lunch detention